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Recopilación de tutoriales de NUKE

-  Timelapse Camera Projection Tutorial for Nuke de The Faking Of, inglés

-   Space Series 1 , Nuke 3D compositing ,  Tutoriales Nuke 3 de eosacro.com, inglés

Space Series 1 de eosacro.com

Tutoriales Nuke 3D compositing eosacro.com

Tutoriales Nuke 3 de eosacro.com

Colour Matching Stereo Plates without Ocula

In this video I will demonstrate how, with the help of the disparity map we learned to create in my previous video, one can match the colour between an uncorrected stereo pair without the use of Ocula. This technique can be used with only the tools found stock in Nuke, and will be available in tool form on Nukepedia for download once their upload feature there is once again active.

Disparity Maps without Ocula

In this video I will demonstrate how, with built in nuke tools, you can generate a disparity map for a stereo plate without the necessity of Ocula. This disparity map can be used for everything related to stereo compositing outside of the use of the Ocula plugins. This includes the correlating of roto's, transforms, tracker data, and paint strokes, all or which can be accomplished with this generated disparity map.

Roto 3D Tutorial

In this tutorial I will be demonstrating a method of utilizing your 3D camera data to help in the rotoing process. By projecting your plate onto a strategically placed card, through an animated camera, we can create a stabilized version of the plate that makes rotoing much faster and simpler.

Sharpening and LOG Space Discussion

In this video, we will discuss the application of LOG colour space when applying sharpening or transform filters that include sharpening. The Visual Effects Society recently published a white paper PDF that describes in detail the issues that arises when sharpening in a linear colour space.

The link to this white paper can be found here:

We will discuss and demonstrate the issues that it describes, as well as demonstrate a clever work-around that can be applied with all of your sharpening applications.

Timelapse Camera Projection Tutorial for Nuke