lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

La vida de Pi VFX

| Director: Ang Lee 
| Production: Fox 2000 Pictures

While Pi drifts on his lifeboat, Richard Parker, the tiger, stares at the surface of the ocean and begins a dream-like journey into the depths.
The sequence is shot as one constant descent from the surface towards the bottom of the ocean. We meet a school of tuna and a shark in a photorealistic environment before witnessing the battle between a giant squid and a sperm whale – who transform into multiple animals from Earth and Sea.
The journey continues; passing a Lantern Fish, macroscopic planktons and a cosmic environment where particles provide a vision of Pi's mother.
The descent finishes on the wreck of the Tsimtsum, the ship Pi and his family had been traveling on before the storm.

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