martes, 30 de abril de 2013

La Jungla: Un buen día para morir VFX

Screen Scene VFX spent over a year providing all the previs for 'A Good Day to Die Hard'.
Having created the previs for the car chase sequence, SSVFX Supervisor Ed Bruce and his trusted VFX coordinator “Stocky” Nick Murphy went beyond the usual deliveries, shooting actual elements on Canon 5D cameras at a location on the A55 near Colwyn Bay, North Wales so that they could work the taxi flip shot up to a higher level in this demo.
"Once back in Dublin we cut three shots together and began the process of adding the CG MRAP, taxi, additional cars, FX destruction and Moscow backdrop.” Ed Bruce enthused like a sugar addled child, “We used 3ds Max and V-Ray, Thinking Particles, Krakatoa, and Fume to create our CG which was all composted within Nuke after being tracked with SynthEyes.”
Check out the breakdown of the process for yourself!

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