lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

Dredd 3D VFX

In this first episode of a new series called 'Close Up', Prime Focus World's Jon Thum and Neil Miller show us how they brought the sprawling metropolis of Mega-City One to life for Dredd 3D. From the first concept art sketches, through the development of this gritty, violent city, 'The Foundations of Mega-City One' offers an inside track on the role of the VFX house in developing concepts for big movies.

In the second of four 'Close Up' episodes exploring Dredd 3D, Prime Focus World's Jon Thum details just how the film's striking, standout, super slow-motion stereo 3D sequences were constructed.

In the third of four 'Close Up' episodes exploring our work on Dredd 3D, Prime Focus World's Jon Thum talks about the use of pre-viz on Dredd, and explains how pre-viz becomes so important when shooting in 3D.

In the fourth episode of Close Up, Jon Thum, Neil Miller, Tim Keene and Alex Pejic show how Mega-City One was created with extensive set extension, combining plates and CG to transform Johannesburg into the crumbling futuristic metropolis seen in Dredd 3D.

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